Atlantis Lage Sauteuse M/d - M/s 28 Cm 41428 + 41528 Demeyere

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Atlantis Lage Sauteuse M/d - M/s 28 Cm 41428 + 41528 Demeyere is available to buy in increments of 1

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Demeyere 41428A - 41528 Atlantis low sautepan 28cm/11''


41428A + 41528




Diameter: Ø28cm/11''
Base: ¤28cm/11''
Height: 14,8cm
Content: 4,8L/5qt
Weight: 3,72kg
Length: 56,10cm
Width: 29,2cm

Product specifications:

  • With stainless steel lid
  • Welded and sealed seven layer InductoSeal® base 3,6 mm/ 0.14'' with TriplInduc®
  • Unique Silvinox® surface treatment
  • Cast 18/10 stainless steel handles
  • With pouring edge -
  • Suitable for dishwasher and oven
  • Guarantee: 30 years (10 years for professional use)

Demeyere Atlantis

The Atlantis series by Demeyere combines sublime elegance with supreme quality and comfort. Atlantis is the summum in high quality stainless steel cookware with respect for tradition not forgetting the fun in cooking. Each Atlantis casserole of saucepot is designed with the specific preparations made in that product in mind.

Technology explained

Silvinox® surface treatment

Silvinox® is an electrochemical surface treatment system that removes any iron and/or impurities from the surface which makes the stainless steel easy to clean. It also provides a better resistance to fingerprints and harsh detergents. The pots and pans retain their silvery-white colour, even after years of use.

InductoSeal® base

The InductoSeal® base consists of seven layers.  Optimal heat distribution is ensured thanks to a copper disk, hermetically embedded in the base, which provides a heat-conducting surface which is 33% larger than a traditional base. The InductoSeal® base allows you to cook at low heat and is energy-saving. Because the capsule is hermetically welded to the side of the product it is extra hygienic as fat or dirt cannot penetrate into the base.

Ergonomic handles

The handles are made of solid 18/10 stainless steel so they remain cool longer. The handles are extra securely welded thank to a unique welding technology and are therefore very hygienic. Dirt, grease and germs don't get a chance to build up.


Suitable for all stoves, including induction


Op voorraad in ons magazijn

Directly available

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