Returning a product

Best Customer, 

If you wish to return one or more products, please read the terms and conditions below.
You may submit a request using the «Return / Warranty claim form» button below to make the return process as smooth as possible.

Return conditions:

  1. The return period is 14 days.

  2. The item must be complete.

  3. Item must be in original condition and in factory packaging as received.

  4. The item must not have been used.

  5. The original packaging box of the product must not be damaged.

  6. Installed, damaged or incomplete units will not be returned.

  7. The product's original packaging box must not have been ripped open but opened neatly, so that the box is returned in perfect condition. Do not put any stickers on it!

  8. No damage on the product, or signs of use but those are standard requirements for any case, will be checked for scratches all around and on the bottom!

  9. Beware of fragile material, on return the customer is responsible for damage free return!

  10. No labels on the original box of the product, for shipping packed in a separate box so it is still saleable.

If these conditions are not met, we can no longer sell the items and therefore cannot accept the return.
Please note that with a fragile material, the customer is responsible for a return without damage.

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