Returning a product

Dear customer, 

If you wish to return one or more products, please contact us via email.

You will receive the necessary information to run the return as smoothly as possible.
Click here to send an email.


Conditions for return:

  1. We would like to ask you to send us an e-mail in which you communicate you want to return your goods, before doing so.

  2. The return term is 14 days.

  3. The article must be complete.

  4. The article must be in its original condition and in the factory packaging as received.

  5. The article may not be used.

  6. The original packing box of the product may not be damaged.

  7. Installed, damaged or incomplete devices will not be taken back.

  8. The original box of the product itself should be neatly opened, so that the box is returned in perfect condition. Do not put any labels on it!

  9. There must be no damage to the product, nor traces of use. These are standard requirements for each case. Each article will be checked for scratches around and on the bottom!

  10. Attention with fragile material, at return the customer is responsible for damage-free return!

  11. Do not put labels on the original box of the product, for shipping it should be packed in a separate box so that it is still salable.

  12. Invoice number and a note with the necessary information for exchange.

If these requirements are not met we can not sell the articles anymore and therefore can not accept the return.
Please note that with fragile material, the customer is responsible for a damage free return.

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